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Direct sales as a second job
The concept behind direct sales is very simple: Products or services are sold by independent business partners, either as their main or second job. This saves cost-intensive advertising measures, expensive licenses and profit margins of intermediaries: LNS invests this money in the development of top-quality, innovative products, and in the compensation and training of its business partners.
Around the globe, approx. 117 million people work in direct sales. For many of them, what started as a second job has become their main occupation. Direct selling accounted for more than US $189.6 billion in retail sales globally in 2017.

Source: WFDSA Annual Report 2017/2018

The advantages of direct sales from the LNS customers’ point of view


✔ High quality products at fair prices

✔ Independence from business and store hours

✔ Convenient shopping from home

✔ High quality of advice and support



The advantages of direct sales from the LNS partners’ point of view


✔ Easy to start as a second job

✔ Long-term additional or principal income

✔ Flexible working hours

✔ Minimal start-up capital for founding a private business

✔ Comprehensive training and remuneration plan

What is the difference between direct sales and network marketing?

Traditional direct sales rewards sales partners for selling or providing products and services. Examples include sales representatives and selling at parties.

Network marketing is probably the most dynamic form of traditional direct sales. It enables sales partners to attract and supervise new sales partners. For supervising, training, motivating and managing these new sales partners, the sales partner receives additional perks, such as bonus payments.

In direct sales with network marketing, the remuneration system is therefore composed of two parts: the margin, on the one hand, and the bonus, on the other.