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Term Description
Customer(s) A Customer is any person who has confirmed an order(s) with LNS for the purchase of LNS's product(s). Any written agreement with LNS is considered an authentic and binding legal document. A Customer also agrees to adhere to and abide by LNS's Terms & Conditions.
Direct Reward Commission (DRC) An incentive for every Customer referred to The Company.
LNS LNS refers to LNS INTERNATIONAL, and includes of all its service centers around the world.
Life Account (LA) A Life Account is a requirement for a Customer to receive commissions and/or bonuses from LNS's Life Reward Program (LRP), and shall be placed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Life Reward Program of LNS.
Life Center (LC) A Life Center is a requirement for LNS to calculate commissions and/or bonuses within the LNS Plan.
Life Bank (LB) Life bank is the statement where you can check all of your cash transaction.
Life Tree (LT) A report showing you and your organization in levels. You can view your organization through the Special Report Option in Life Office.
Life E-Money (LEM) It is an electronic type of LNS currency to sign-in new customers and buy or send large amounts of e-money.
Life Money Bank (LMB) Where all your money’s detail is sent when you purchase Life E-Money online.
Life Reward Program (LRP) LNS's 3 different rewarding Plans.
Life Voucher (LV) A Life Voucher is earned in accordance with the Rules and Regulations governing the Life Reward Program (LRP). This voucher is strictly for presenting LNS rewards and bonuses.
Life Motivation Step (LMS) LNS always believes in providing unique advantages to networkers and new customers, and LMS is a part of that. Any customer who introduces one person in their downline on either line, once its balance on the other line by him/her or by upline completes the 1st step which is called LMS regardless of the plan he/she has joined. This offer is only valid for the 1st step of the 1st rotation.
The Company The Company refers to LNS INTERNATIONAL, inclusive of all its service centers around the world.
The Management The Management is inclusive of LNS official employees, directors and consultants who are officially involved in LNS's daily operations.