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Remuneration system

Outstanding remuneration system rewards LNS partners

You can earn money with LNS. The outstanding remuneration system fairly and transparently regulates the international competition.

The unique LNS remuneration system offers everyone unlimited earning opportunities, irrespective of age and gender, educational background, personal experience and financial background. LNS offers high-quality products, you can benefit from attractive margins as LNS partner. LNS pays an additional bonus on the turnover generated;

Moreover, the remuneration system supports the recommendation of the LNS business by further bonus payments.

How much money can you earn with LNS?

Earnings always depend on your commitment. Hundreds of thousands of partners have a sound extra income thanks to the LNS remuneration system.

In addition to the monetary benefits of the LNS remuneration system, work with LNS offers further advantages.

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