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Invest Plus Plan

 1/1 Invest Plus Plan Starting Amount US$2,500

Life Centre (LC)
Left Right Life Steps Life Reward Commission
1 1 1 US$ 500
1 1 2 US$ 500
1 1 3 US$ 500
1 1 4 US$ 500
1 1 5 US$ 500
1 1 6 US$ 500
7 7 7 US$ 3,500 Daily Flush out

Customers retain in Invest Plus Plan the Tree genealogy as it was in Invest Plan without making any payment or sales transaction. Invest Plus Plan is activated after Invest Plan through Commission Bank. It is not possible to activate Invest Plus Plan through other payment types (for example: Life E-money, Life Bank or credit cards etc.). Customers can activate Invest Plus Plan at any time. For this purpose, there is not any time limit that is required here. If your downline customer activates Invest Plus Plan before you, you will not get commissions for that customer. Thus, by activating Invest Plus Plan, customers get a commission from the same Tree genealogy for the third time.

LNS abolished Life Voucher Statement in Invest Plus Plan. Thus, when 1 (one) activation is made on the left and right sides of LC Active Life Account, up to the end customers are paid US$500 commission.

Each LC has maximum 7 steps (7L/7R) or earnings of US$3,500 per day. A customer’s potential maximum earnings per week are equivalent to US$24,500 per LC. Customers making activations per this plan are only allowed to order any of the Life Travel packages.

All the Life Reward Programs by LNS are tailored to suite the need and budget of almost every customer. It really doesn't matter which plan our customer chooses to participate because all LNS customers have the opportunity to earn as per their efforts.

Before selecting a Life Reward Plan for him or herself, the customer must be assured or well informed about the fact that his or her potential customers that will be introduced to LNS on his or her referral can afford the same Life Reward Plan or not. Even though, a customer can introduce any customer under his or her downline form any Life Reward Program, it is generally advisable for the referrer to persuade the potential customers to join the same Life Reward Program he or she currently holds. This way, the referring customer will be able to achieve LMS and the overall management of the Tree would be way more convenient.

The general concept of low entry, low returns and high entry with high returns applies here because of the selection of Life Reward Plans for the customer to participate in. There will definitely be customers participating in the 2/2 Life Plan (US$250) asking why the returns are little or why it takes such a long time. Therefore an explanation about the general entry concept will apply. If they want to have high returns they need to participate in higher entry plan such as 2/2 Invest Plan.

* LMS – Life Motivation Step

 What is Flush Out?

In network marketing, Flush Out or Flushing is a term used to define the maximum sales that can qualify for compensation and be counted in a customer's sales volume over a given period of time. It could be based on a daily basis or a weekly basis. This is used as a tool to hedge the company from over-payment. It works to benefit the company and customers more than anything else.

Life Motivation Step
Life Step Motivation is a revolutionary way in the world of network marketing to boost the morale of the customers. In order to spurn the new customers to achieve better results, LNS has introduced another unique system through which the first Life Step of the first Rotation immediately completes as soon as a new LC has one down liner on left and one on right. Therefore LNS pays the full Life Step Commission of i.e. US$40 (depending on the Life Reward Program) beside any introduction fee (DRC) which is offered on direct introduction. From the next step onward which is step 2 the customer will get his usual Life Step Completion commission. This privilege is applicable for first rotation only and just a once ever per account to jump-start the customers enthusiasm. But in order to qualify for 1/1 Life Step Commission, at least one customer on either wing has to be directly introduced by the referrer. Note: the customers introduced on either side of the referrer must have taken the same Life Reward Plan as the referrer in order for the referrer to qualify for LMS.

* LC – Life Center
* DRC - Direct Reward Commission

Direct Reward Commission
Adhering to the primary concept of LNS which is mutual growth, Direct Reward Commission is a nifty perk that LNS provides to its worthy customers to pique their enthusiasm. Every customer who directly introduces a new customer to LNS, a Direct Reward Commission (DRC) from US$12.50, US$37,50 to US$250 (depending on the LNS Plan), per activated Life Account will be paid. Direct Reward Commission applies to all Activated Life Accounts. Direct Reward Commission applies for unlimited number of Life Accounts a customer directly introduces to LNS. Commissions for Direct Reward Commission for every new Life Account introduced by the customer are as follows:

LNS Plans Direct Reward Commission (DRC)
2/2 Life Plan US$12,50
2/2 Invest Plan US$37,50
1/1 Invest Plus Plan US$250