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Family and LNS

Are you interested in selling LNS products? We look forward to attracting you as an LNS partner! Working as an LNS partner is perfect as a second job, to return to working life or during parental leave.
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Combining family and career

According to the latest surveys, combining career and family is an essential topic for 80% of the parents with children aged between 6 and 14 years.
As soon as the children attend school, many mothers would like to restart working life and combine career and family.

О LNS  However, it is not easy for many women to find a job which allows both. For combing career and family, the following criteria must be met:

  • freely chosen working hours
  • individual weekly working hours
  • at the same time perspectives to achieve more and a personal career

This is exactly what LNS offers. With LNS, many partners are able to live family life day by day, see their children growing up and return to working life at the same time.

LNS customer,

For me the decisive advantage of working in direct sales, is the flexibility of the working hours. Combining family and career are no problem. On the one hand, I have time for my children, and on the other, I can tackle a demanding and professional challenge.