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The history of earning money

Traditional direct sales is the primal form of trade with roots going back to before Christ. Even before our time, earning money was a strong incentive to travelling and selling self-produced goods.

Later, in the Middle Ages, travelling salesmen were also messengers and reporters. They enjoyed high social and economic standing. Marco Polo was one of the best known travelling salesmen of all time. Historians say we have to thank him for the bustling trade between the East and West.

A little later, in America, “Yankee Peddlers” went round their customers on foot. Those who had earned a little more, rode on horseback or even took a carriage to visit their customers.

However, it was not until the twentieth century that direct sales gained true prominence. The economic crisis, high levels of unemployment and the need to feed the family all made direct sales popular. Later, in the 1950s, the advent of home parties brought a new dimension to the business. Direct sales was established as a convenient way to earn money: customer would all meet at their host‘s home to see a product presentation and meet new friends.

The growth of direct sales now opened the door to success to them, too.