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Compensation plan

The concept behind the phenomenal success of LNS is "Mutual Growth"

Harnessing the unlimited power of human networking, LNS firmly believes that success and prosperity are dependent on people we live around. Realizing this delicate balance of nature where the well-being of every person is directly proportional with the other, LNS incorporates it into the one of the most realistic and closer to life business plan thus making growth dependent on customers’ satisfaction. And that is the true soul of LNS where every customer earns more by making the other customer earn more. Perfectly balanced like nature, LNS not only develops a financially sound future for its customers but also brings out a fine human being from within them as that human being realizes that his efforts for the betterment of others will get him rewarded handsomely.

Putting this marvelous notion at the core of its functionality; LNS urges a customer to introduce another customer to the LNS family. By doing so, the referrer gets entitled to the Direct Introductory Commission. As the new customer strives to reciprocate his or her referrer, Direct Introductory Commission is granted to him or her but the original referrer also earns a Life Step Commission. This cycle continues and every customer helps his or her referrer earn more while earning a handsome amount at the same time. This, of course is done in a balanced and systematic way under the set of rules and regulations prescribed by LNS and the customer keeps on earning till posterity. In order for this prosperity cycle to be more accurate, precise and rewarding, the customer is given a virtual tree whose left and right sides are what he or she needs to balance by introducing customers according to the Life Reward Plan customer has signed up for. Thus every customer benefits from each other this way.

This does sound fascinating but when it comes to setting up one’s own business; the question that puts a frown on every brow is: “what will be the initial capital to start such a lucrative business?” and this is where LNS shines. At an initial investment of US$ 250-3,000 depending on the Life Reward Plan a customer chooses, LNS is ready to change the life of its worthy customer. And what makes LNS more attractive is that it’s not a region-locked business opportunity. A customer can refer another customer living in across half the world just by making a few clicks on his home computer. LNS is all set to change the way people think about jobs. Who needs a job when you can be your own boss and your living room be your office?. Beyond boundaries networking, unbelievable earnings, flexibility to work from anywhere, and a thriving family of millions from across the globe; this is LNS in a nutshell.How To Take Your First Step?

In order to become a part of LNS, a customer needs to be introduced into LNS by someone who is already an owner of a LNS Life Account. Once introduced, the new customer can set up his or her own Life Account. That’s pretty much it and now the customer is ready to start his business without getting entangled in any cumbersome or daunting registration process.

LNS Payment Plans Payment
Life Plan 2/2 US$ 250~3,000
Invest Plan 2/2 US$ 500
Invest Plus Plan 1/1 US$ 2,500

Upon choosing the first plan LNS Payment Plan, the customer will be generated a virtual Life Account that can be accessed from this website. A Life Account is the customer’s virtual office from which he or she can manage LNS business without getting involved in any paperwork. Each LA (Life Account) consists of 1, 3, 7, 15 points. They can be activated in the Life Center (LC) according to the selected point.

Please note that LNS discourages customers to take more than one Life Account, however customers may increase their headers to a later stage. Violation of this rule is against LNS’s Terms and Conditions that the customer agrees upon at the time of signing up and will result in permanent cancellation of their all related accounts.

The payment for the customer’s Life Plan initiates the activation of 1 point (001) in LC. Each LC can be activated by paying any of the LNS Payment Plans amount in cash or deduction from the customer’s earned commissions. You are able to earn more income, as well as the opportunity to collect a multitude of fabulous LNS products.

Now about the business. After the initialization of his or her Life Account, the customer can start referring LNS to other potential customers and sign them up if they wish to join LNS. New customer commences by first 2/2 activated Life Plan and for the next 2/2 Invest Plan through Commission Bank and for the other next stage 1/1 Invest Plus Plan is activated through Commission Bank.
Upon the successful introduction of a customer into the LNS family, the referrer customer receives Direct Reward Commission (DRC). And upon the completion of a Life Step, the customer receives The Life Step Commission (LSC).

* LA – Life Account
* LC – Life Center
* LSC - Life Step Commission

Commission Breakdown.

1 LC = many possibilities (one compulsory product with each plan)

LNS Plan Easy Payment Plan Use Life Step Commission Direct Reward Commission Step/Rotation Weekly Income(Max) Daily FlushOut
2/2 Life US$250 2~2 US$50 US$12,50 5 US$7,000 20 Steps
2/2 Invest US$500 2~2 US$150 US$37,50 - US$10,500 10 Steps
1/1 Invest Plus US$2,500 1~1 US$500 US$250 - US$14,000 7 Steps

 Disclaimer: The above mentioned easy payment plans are exclusive of all product delivery charges which vary from region to region. For more details about the delivery charges, click here (Terms and Conditions)
Direct Reward Commission (DRC) for each plan:
2/2 Life Plan = US$ 12,50 cash to introducer (DRC))
2/2 Invest Plan = US$ 37,50 cash to introducer (DRC)
1/1 Invest Plus Plan = US$ 250 cash to introducer (DRC)