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Does the system get saturated overtime?

Since LNS operates of the principles of mutual growth, system saturation is something that absolutely does not apply to us as once a Life Account starts to expand; it has no limit and can be functional for the rest of the customers’ life with the customer having to worry about maxing out.

Can I ask for LNS Confidential Information?

Any information except Public Profile, which may contain information about company members, staff, income and other user’s profile, is considered confidential and we are unable to share such information with the customers.

How can I get LNS Catalog?

LNS harness the power of e-commerce which thoroughly relies on "Word of Mouth" advertisement rather than utilizing media and mass commercials which makes the need of catalogs redundant for us. However veteran LNS customers that are regarded as leaders take their own initiative to enhance their network and produce some unofficial material to promote the business. We suggest you to contact your introducer who may suggest you some leaders from whom you may get some product related material.

I Forgot PIN Code. How can I retrieve?

Customers can reset their PIN code with just a click, provided their primary email address mentioned in their profile is true. Please, enter My Profile page provided at Life Office and use Reset PIN Code link.

Note: US $10 will be deducted from user’s Life Bank or Commission Bank. No request will be entertained if account does not have sufficient amount.

I Forgot Security Information. How can I retrieve?

Customers can retrieve the forgotten security information without a cumbersome procedure; provided that their email address mentioned in their profile is true. Please enter My Profile page provided at Life Office and use Forgot Security Information link.

With the new and upgraded security system, customers can re-acquire their forgotten security information by simply typing their Life Account (LA). Manual requests though, will be charged US$ 10 each time.

I am a new user, I need PIN code

All customers will get Life PIN code after first log-in via “SMS” or “Welcome message”. PIN code will be sent to the customers` e-mail addresses.

Other/downline security information required

LNS does not share confidential customer information with anyone. However primary email of the customer can be changed upon the provision of a valid ID or Passport copy of owner of the Life Account.

As per policy, the customer must send his/her attested Passport or ID copy as a proof of ownership of Life Account (LA) to, clearly mentioning the owner’s details and the LA Name/LA ID.

NOTE: US $30 will be deducted from user’s Life Bank or Commission Bank. No request will be entertained if account does not have sufficient amount. Your request will be processed within 48 hours upon confirmation by our agent.

How to Join LNS?

If you are interested in becoming a part of massively growing global family of LNS, we request you to send us your address and telephone number which would be provided to our regional agent who will get in touch with you to provide you initial assistance.

How can I change my primary e-mail?

As per policy; customer asking to change his or her primary email must send his/her attested Passport or ID copy as a proof of ownership of LA to, clearly mentioning the owner’s details and the LA Name/LA ID.

NOTE: US $10 will be deducted from user’s Life Bank or Commission Bank. No request will be entertained if account does not have sufficient amount. Your request will be processed within 48 hours upon confirmation by our agent.

How can I change my Personal Information?

As per policy; user asking for a change of ownership, mother's name, NIC, phone and owner's name must send his/her attested Passport or ID copy as a proof of ownership of LA to, clearly mentioning the new owner’s details and the LA Name/LA ID.

NOTE: US$50 will be deducted from user’s Life Bank or Commission Bank. No request will be entertained if account does not have sufficient amount. Your request would be processed within 48 hours upon confirmation by our agent.

Life Account had become inactive owing to annual renewal fee, how can I activate it?

For this purpose enter in Life Account and please click “Pay Annual Renewal Fee”. Annual renewal fee according to contract number: 

•    Annual renewal fee for 1 point is - US$20 
•    Annual renewal fee for 3 points is - US$40 
•    Annual renewal fee for 7 points is - US$50 
•    Annual renewal fee for 15 points is - US$70

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL is a standard security protocol which establishes encrypted links between a web server and a browser, thereby ensuring that all communication that happens between a web server and browser(s) remains encrypted and hence private. SSL Certificate is today an industry standard that is used by millions of websites worldwide to protect all communication and data that's transmitted online through the websites.

SSL Certificate by Comodo

A Comodo SSL Certificate is the quickest and most cost effective way for an online business to protect customer transactions. Apart from their low cost, each certificate also comes with a great value-added package, which makes them perfect for small to medium size businesses. Choosing Comodo SSL means your site will enjoy the highest security levels and you'll also receive additional tools that will win customer trust and increase sales conversions.

For example, Comodo’s unique ’point-to-verify’ technology shows real time verification of your business credentials and our warranty whenever a visitor hovers their mouse cursor over the seal. 2048 bit signatures and up to 256 encryption with highest possible levels of security for your customers.

Comodo’s root certificates are embedded in all major browsers and devices and are trusted by 99.9% of the Internet population. Our certificates will secure your site or server with full 128/256 bit encryption, dedicated customer support and up to $1,750,000 warranty. (Source:

Can I Get Commission without working?

Your commission is paid as per the growth of your Tree at both ends. If your Tree is not growing at all, no commission would be released, however introducing just two customers would get your Tree started and growing. Once the Tree starts growing, the customer can keep on getting commission for the rest of his or her life without ever having to worry about maxing out his or her downline limit.

How can I transfer Earned Commission to my Personal Bank Account?

All LNS customers have the privilege of transferring their Earned Commission to their Personal Bank account located in any country.
Before using Transfer Funds To Personal Bank Account users must update their personal bank account information. “Bank Info” link is available under the “My Profile” link in your Life Office. You may change your Bank Information at any time before submitting Bank Transfer request and this service is free of charge.
Each accounting period is approximately 15 days in length. A new period begins on the 1st and 16th day of each month. All transactions that occur before four (4) days of the close of each period will be processed and payments will be disbursed on the 1st or 16th of each month. However, should the payment date fall on a weekend or official banking holiday, payments will be disbursed on the first business day following those dates. (e.g. customers expecting to get Bank transfer on 16th day should request by 12th day of that month.)
Transfer to personal Bank Account charges are 5% of the amount customer request to transfer.
The whole amount will be debited from customer’s Commission Bank and not Life Bank.
You may also request for the cancellation of this transaction (Transfer to Personal Bank Account). Any cancellation request of Fund Transfer to Personal Bank would result in deduction of the 5% service charges, only requested amount will return to customer’s Commission Bank. Minimum amount for transfer is US$500 and maximum is set to US$3,000 per transaction. 
Note: For Iranian customers, this service is only available for Bank Melli Iran and Bank Saderat Iran. Customers living in other countries can request transfer to any bank.

When and how LNS pays commission?

Commission is paid on every Monday for the new sets of customers who have completed 5 days cool off period under your Tree by cut off day which is Sunday. If a customer has not completed 5 days under you on Sunday, you get your commission on the following Monday. Please also note that the calculation system is automatic and there are no possibilities of any man-made errors. The Life Voucher customer gets upon successful completion of the 5th step also gets calculated. But Life Vouchers are not available in Invest and Invest Plus Plans. 

Why didn’t I receive LMS 1/1?

As per the LMS 1/1 policy you must have introduced at least one customer at your first level in the same plan as you have initiated your tree with. If you have introduced none of the first two customers at your first level will only earn your commission as per your LNS Plan. Also note that the customers introduced on both sides must have the same LNS Plan as their upline or referrer or the referring customer won’t qualify for a LMS. This stage is not concerned to Invest and Invest Plus Plan. 

Is LNS doing a legitimate business?

Dotted all across the globe, LNS’s authorized sales and service centers are a testimony that LNS is running a bona fide legal and 100% legitimate business enterprise. Our website is under the protection of Comodo which again proves that LNS’s entire machinery had to undergo rigorous scrutiny to pass the standard test for these companies. LNS would never have been able to survive a year had its dealings been taken care of under the table or by illegal modes. Honesty is the founding pillars of LNS.

What is the product delivery procedure?

Products are delivered to customers via our agent or through a reputable international courier company and it takes somewhere between 8 - 16 weeks for customer to receive the product. If you have redeemed your product, you would be contacted by our agent soon for delivery arrangements.

Why my mail is not entertained so far?

Your email is not entertained so far because any of the following reasons:

* You did not send email to the requisite email address provided
* Contents are not in English, Russian or not complete
* You did not mention your LA/LAID in your email
* You did not send required attested documents along with email
* Your Life Bank does not have the sufficient amount (if required)

What is Life Motivation Step (LMS)?

Life Step Motivation is a revolutionary way in the world of network marketing to boost the morale of the customers. In order to spurn the new customers to achieve better results, LNS has introduced another unique system through which the first Life Step of the first Rotation immediately completes as soon as a new LC has one down liner on left and one on right. Therefore LNS pays the full Life Step Commission of i.e. US$40 (depending on the Life Reward Program) cash beside any introduction fee (DRC) which is offered on direct introduction. From next step onward which is step 2 the customer will get his/her usual Life Step Completion commission. This privilege is applicable for first rotation only and just once ever per account to jump start the customers enthusiasm. But in order to qualify for 1/1 Life Step Commission, at least one customer on either wing has to be directly introduced by the referrer. Note: the customers introduced on either side of the referrer must have taken the same Life Reward Plan as the referrer in order for the referrer to qualify for LMS.

I have two customers under me on my 1st Level from the same LNS Plan but I have not received my LMS Commission. Do I have to notify you to release my commission?

Commission is released on every Monday for any new sales automatically once the system detects that new customers under you in your tree have completed 5-day cool off period.

Life Motivation Step (LMS) is only paid to you if one out of the first two customers on your first level is introduced by you and both customers on the first level are from the same Life Plan.

How can I earn my Life Step Commission (LSC)?

Whenever you introduce a new customer you must make sure your own LA is the introducer of the new customer. You can have total control on the placement of the new customer. You may place the new customer on your left or right group, and try to make the new sales count in your favor. You usually place new customers on your weak line or you may decide to help any of your downline so the new customer may fall directly under any of them.

This new sale may be able to match a sale from the opposite side of your network. In this case you have achieved a pair, and earn a Life Step Commission.

If a sale is done indirectly by any of your upline or downline and the placement is for your favor, and it happens to be placed on your weak line means your Life step is completed and you are eligible for Life Step Commission.

How to control my withdrawals from Life Bank?

You have several options to withdraw from your Life Bank; 

a) Release Commission
You can get your commission released by any of the following ways:
(1) Request for a Check, which will be issued under your name.
(2) Commission release via Telegraphic Transfer (T.T.) 
(3) With LNS credit cards.

All you need to do is go to your “Life Office” and send the request via messenger. Your commission will be released according to the amount you specify, minimum amount for requesting check or T.T. is US$500 and maximum is US$3,000. Or you can send your comissions to a Bank or Credit card account through the Commission Bank link at "Life Office".

b) Commission Check (bank check) Return Back to LNS
Any commission check comes back because of wrong address or returned back to LNS by the customer in order to pay for the products, service charges of issuing the check will not be returned. Furthermore, reissuing of the same check will cost another 5% of check’s value as Service Charges.

c) Life E-Money
To make it as flexible for the customers as possible, we offer customers to buy Life E-Money and sign-in more customers using those e-money's anywhere anytime. 

d) Transfer Funds
You may transfer your funds from your Life Bank to another Life Account holder without any charges.

What is a Life Step Commission (LSC)?

The Life Step Commission allows LNS customers to earn a secondary income, yet has the ability to generate residual commissions from it for the posterity. Therefore each LC is divided into two parts, Left Groups Sales and Right Group Sales. We follow the basic concept of a binary pay plan. We monitor the volume group sales on each side. For example, for 2/2 Life Plan, whenever 2 new sales are created under the Left Group and it is matched by another 2 new sales under the Right Group, you have successfully achieved a pair of sales. Each pair is technically considered as a Life Step. For each Life Step of 2/2 Life Plan, you will earn a commission of US$50. Therefore, any customer who successfully matched a pair of sales at any time is entitled for commission.

How can I qualify for Direct Reward Commission (DRC)?

Any LNS customer who successfully introduces a new customer directly to the LNS program who purchases or books a product and joins Life Reward Plan, is entitled to receive a Direct Reward Commission of US$12,50, US$37,50 to US$250 depending on the plan he/she chooses.

What is Direct Reward Commission?

Adhering to the primary concept of LNS which is mutual growth, Direct Reward Commission is a nifty perk that LNS provides to its worthy customers to pique their enthusiasm. Every customer who directly introduces a new customer to LNS, a Direct Reward Commission (DRC) from US$12,50, US$37,50, to US$250 (depending on LNS Plans), per activated Life Account will be paid. Direct Reward Commission applies to all Activated Life Accounts. Direct Reward Commission applies for unlimited number of Life Accounts which a customer directly introduces to LNS. Commissions for Direct Reward Commission for every new Life Account introduced by the customer are as follows:

LNS Plans for Direct Reward Commission (DRC)

2/2 Life Plan US$12,50
2/2 Invest Plan US$37,50
1/1 Invest Plus Plan US$250

I am only active in 2/2 Life Plan .Do I have any choice to implement other plans? Do I get earning from these in this case?

Yes. If you began to work with 2/2 Life Plan and you want to work in 2/2 Invest Plan and in other plans, initially you activate 2/2 Invest Plan through Commission Bank. After that, when implementing each 4 new Activation Transactions by placing two of them (2) on the left side and the other two (2) on the right side of LC Active Life Account, you will gain profit. This rule is repeated in 1/1 Invest Plus Plan.

What is the maximum income of "LNS Plan"?

The 2/2 Life Plan provides maximum income of US$1,000 for 1 point, US$1,250 for 3 points, US$1,500 for 7 points and US$1,750 for 15 points per LC per day. You can also qualify for the 2/2 Invest Plan (maximum income of US$1,500 per LC per day) and 1/1 Invest Plus Plan (maximum income of US$3,500 per LC per day). Extra income can also be generated from our Direct Reward Commission of US$12,50,  US$37,50 to US$250 per LC activated (depending on the plans) and is calculated separately and does not have any limit for direct introductions. All these incomes per day could be multiplied by 15 as LNS offer its customers 15 Life Centers per plan.

What fee would there be for checks in case of Multiple-Ownership?

LNS issues check to only Primary Owner of Life Account as per the profile details and fee of 5% of the check’s value is charged for issuing the check.

Are there any charges / fees for a check or T.T. Request?

Yes, LNS charges a fee of 5% of check / T.T value, for every Telegraphic Transfer (T.T) or check issued.

When do I get paid by check?

LNS pays commission to customers once a week. You may receive check within 2 to 4 weeks after you manually request your commission through Issue Check option.
Minimum amount to request a check is US$500 (with exception for some countries).

What kind of incomes can I expect from "LNS Plan"?

LNS provides two ways to earn from its Life Reward Plans. We reward customers for directly introducing new customers to LNS (US$12,50, US$37,50 to US$250 per new sales-depending on the Life Plan) except for introducer when introduced customers has selected instant product option while signing up. We also provide Life Step Commission system that pays you for every pair you complete on your right and left side of the Life Tree depending on the LNS Plan you are working for. The Life Step Commission is paid, for direct or indirect customers based on binary of your LNS Plan (Growth of your tree on both ends).

How do I get paid by check?

Payment will be made in the form of check in US$ or in some cases local currency. Other forms of payment will be explored and implemented if and when necessary. Check will only be issued upon your request and the charges of 5% of check value will be deducted from your Life Account.

What is Life Office?

As LNS is purely an E-commerce based enterprise, therefore, LNS provides you an online Life Office to help you operate your business from anywhere in the world without any restrictions. You can use your Life Office to send and receive online funds, redemptions, transfer LVs, buy online Life E-Money, check your Life Tree to see the growth in your genealogy, change your profile, send and receive messages, and sign-in customers from anywhere in the world. In Life Office, you also get reports of your sales, your downliner's sales, estimates of income and you can communicate with LNS office personnel whenever you need support.

What is a Life Account?

Life Account is your business center and for this business center you select a name of your choice at the time of Sign-in. This name is changeable against US $30 fee. So make sure you select the right choice at the time of Sign-in. Life Account name can be of maximum 15 characters. Appropriate language free of abusive words should be selected.

A Life Account can be treated like a property, you can sell, transfer or assign ownership (please refer to transfer LA section) and also carries an inheritance clause where beneficiary can be designated.

How do I activate my Life Center (LC) 002?

Simply use the link provided in Life Account, choose Add new header link to activate the new LC. You must have sufficient funds in your account to activate new LC and your minimum earning from LC 001 should be equal to the new header`s cost. 

What are conditions of activating headers in Life Center?

a) If customers enter Life Plan by 3 points and in order to activate 002, 003 places in LC and after tree is 29/29 only, they can activate headers. 
b) If customers enter Life Plan by 7 points and in order to activate 002, 003 places in LC and after tree is 19/19 only, they can activate headers. 
c) If customers enter Life Plan by 15 points and in order to activate 002, 003 places in LC and after tree is 9/9 only, they can activate headers. 

Note: If customers enter Life Plan with 1 point and want to activate 002, 003 positions in LC, they can activate headers only after the Tree balance becomes 39/39 and after the transition to 3 points.

I bought some Life E-Money but cannot remember if I have used them?

On your Life Office page, click the link "Life E-Money" and then select "Transaction History".

How can I buy Life E-Money?

Life E-Money can be purchased using your Life Office.

By which means and how to buy Life E-Money?

For this purpose customers can buy E-Money by entering “Buy Life E-Money" menu. 
There are several ways to buy Life E-Money. These are followings: 

a) Credit cards
b) E-Cash (PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney etc.)

Can other customers steal my Life E-Money?

Other customers can use Life E-Money if they know Life Account password, inquiry (questions-answers) and PIN code ill-informed by you. Therefore LNS doesn’t bear any responsibility. But owing to there are available all sending operations in Life Office of the customer you can see to what customer it will be sent. That’s why LNS doesn’t bear any responsibility. 

I transferred some Life E-Money but cannot remember the receiver?

On your Life Office page click the link "Life E-Money" and then select Transfer History Detail or Transfer History Summary link to find old transaction records.

How many Life Steps makes a Rotation?

5 Life Steps (as per Life Plan taken) makes one Rotation.
Maximum limit is set at 20 steps (40L/R40) per day for 1 point or US $1,000 per day per LC.

What is Flush out?

Flush out system is implemented to prevent the company from over-paying. This is a control structure in exchange for the infinity levels a customer is entitled to earn over-riding commissions through the LNS Life Step Commissions. We provide unlimited depth and flexibility; however we impose a maximum earnings of any LC per day.

For example 2/2 Life Plan, each LC has maximum 20 steps (40L/40R) for 1 point or earnings of US$1,000 per day. A customer’s potential maximum earnings per week are equivalent (for 1 point) to US$7,000 per LC. Therefore, if any LC's earning exceeds US$1,000 in one day for this plan, then all other sales made on that day will be flushed-out including accumulated or carried-over sales. The LC starts the following day with zero unpaid sales on both left and right group. New sales of the following day will entitle LC fresh commissions.

Is there Flush out in 2/2 Invest and 1/1 Invest Plus Plan?

For example 2/2 Invest Plan, each LC has maximum 10 steps (20L/20R) or earnings of US$1,500 per day. A customer’s potential maximum earnings per week are equivalent to US$10,500 per LC. Therefore, if any LC's earning exceeds US$1,500 in one day for this plan, then all other sales made on that day will be flushed-out including accumulated or carried-over sales. The LC starts the following day with zero unpaid sales on both left and right group. New sales of the following day will entitle LC fresh commissions. 
This process is the same in the 1/1 Invest Plus Plan. For example 1/1 Invest Plus Plan, each LC has maximum 7 steps (7L/7R) or earnings of US$3,500 per day. A customer’s potential maximum earnings per week are equivalent to US$24,500 per LC. 

If the customer's account has been Flushed out and the customer requests that any registration be deactivated/deleted from the system during the 5-day Cool-off Refund, then will the Points or Commissions of the Flushed out account be refunded?

If the customer's account (LA) has been flushed out and the customer requests the company to deactivate or delete any registration from the system (whether intentionally, unintentionally, or abusively) within the 5-day Cool-off Refund period, then per company rules and conditions, Flushed out account (LA) Points or Commissions will never be refunded. These rules and conditions are for the prevention of abuse.

What is Life Rotation & is there any limit for a customer?

When Five Life Steps are completed in any one of the given Life Plans, it is known as a Life Rotation and then another Life Step starts. This process is ongoing. There is no limit as long as new sales are produced on both left and right wings (as per the Life Plan taken), a Life Step is done.

What is a Life Voucher (LV)?

Voucher is fully different in some companies. Voucher means remaining of every 5th income in company account. Some company repay 30-40% of commissions collected in Life Voucher after some limit, but others offer product instead of commission. And introducing an innovation LNS returns commissions accrued in Life Voucher (certain amount) in the form of commissions or reward when the customers reach certain qualifications.

How can I get Life Vouchers?

Commissions collected in Life Vouchers are automatically transferred to Commission Bank when the customer reaches LNS-VIA (100/100) qualification.
This stage is repeated in all qualifications: that’s up to LNS-ARGENTO (500/500), LNS-M.FIORE (1000/1000), LNS-VIA-ORO (5000/5000) and LNS-VIP (10000/10000).

When do I get car or money reward at Life Voucher?

In LNS (20.000/20.000) qualification the customers are awarded an Alfa Romeo Giulietta car model or E-Money reward in the amount of US $ 15,000 ~ 20,000.

When will US$ 1 be paid in Life Voucher?

Automatic payout of the commissions collected in Life Voucher is stopped when the customer reaches LNS (20.000/20.000) qualification. After that a new system is applied in Life Voucher. That is, in INVESTOR (20.001/20.001) qualification, irrespective of LC balance, the customer is paid US$ 1 (one) for every point. Thus, commissions collected in Life Voucher within 24 hours are transferred to Commission Bank at the end of the day. These conditions are valid up to INVESTOR-ORO (100.000/100.000) qualification.

Is there any number of steps, a maximum payout limit and a time limit for paying US$ 1 in Life Voucher?

In INVESTOR (20.001/20.001) qualification maximum earnings of each LC according to the number of Life Step Commissions will be paid to the Commission Bank. A customer’s potential maximum earnings per day differ according to the number of steps per LC. For example, 1 point consists of 20 steps (40L/40R), with the maximum customer gain being $20 per day. This rule is also applied to other point systems.
If the customer wants to get 1 USD continuously until INVESTOR-ORO qualification (100.000/100.000), then at least one person must complete the LNS-VIP qualification (10.000 / 10.000) in the 1st year and LNS (20.000 / 20.000) - in 2nd year on a weak line of LC of the customer.
The payment of 1 (one) USD for each point to be suspended if the customer does not comply with these rules and the abovementioned period expires.

When is the apartment house, yacht, helicopter and business jet or E-money award present at Life Voucher?

Instead of the commissions collected in Life Voucher, the customers are presented with valuable gifts or E-Money rewards in the following qualifications:

•    In INVESTOR-ORO (100.000/100.000) qualification the customers are presented with an Apartment House or E-Money reward in the amount of US$ 80.000 ~ 100.000;
•    In INVESTOR-VIP (200.000/200.000) qualification the customers are presented with a Yacht or E-Money reward in the amount of US$ 180.000 ~ 200.000;
•    In INVESTOR-DIAMOND (500.000/500.000) qualification the customers are presented with a Helicopter or E-Money reward in the amount of US$ 380.000 ~ 400.000;
•    In INVESTOR-BLUE DIAMOND (1.000.000/1.000.000) qualification the customers are presented with a Business Jet or E-Money reward in the amount of US$ 780.000 ~ 800.000.

If customers refuse the gift, commissions collected in Life Vouchers are automatically transferred to customers’ Commission Bank. Remember, the amount of the value of the gift will be sent to the Commission Bank. The exact amount of the E-Money reward will vary depending on the time period in which the customer achieves the above mentioned qualifications..

Is there 2/2 Invest and 1/1 Invest Plus Plan Life Voucher?

Life Vouchers are not available in 2/2 Invest and 1/1 Invest Plus Plans. 
All commissions earned by customers will be paid to the Commission Bank.

What is the purpose of the LNS Marketing Plan?

The adverse economic conditions of the world are bitter fact that everyone has to take with a grain of salt. This harsh reality has induced a sort of panic among the populace of the world as people believe that nothing good lasts long. Unemployment, impending retirement, low wages, job insecurity are some of the most common elements that have plagued almost every other person. In this drastic scenario, LNS appears as a ray of light and promise a bright and prosper future for its customer by eradicating the fear of temporariness. LNS assures its customers that there are certain good things in the world that can last as long as they like and LNS is among those things. Promising financial freedom for the rest of the customer’s life and even for his/her next generation is what has made LNS such a massive success all across the globe.
We believe in "word of mouth" advertising thus, our marketing plan is designed to reward our customers who are in return helping us to promote the company by virtue of introducing new sales. This chain reaction not only benefits us but the customer too who gets rewarded handsomely for his dedicated efforts. Therefore, the need to create a marketing plan to reward our customers who takes time to go out their way just to promote the image of the company and assist to promote the sales of LNS is worthy of being pursued.

LNS changes the way people live. It makes you your own boss and gives you the power to make the decisions for yourself without the fear of loss and by keeping you close to your loved ones.

What is so unique about the LNS business?

LNS invokes a simple yet brilliant business idea that’s a revolution in itself. With LNS, there are literally endless benefits that not only change the life of a man but also of his coming generations. With LNS, you get:
1. Financial Freedom
2. More Time with Your Family 
3. Increased Financial Security

You owe it to yourself to see exactly what LNS system can do for you. With LNS customers have a realistic chance of truly achieving their desired financial objectives for their work within a short period of time (depending on effort).

What are the differences between MLM and LNS?

a) LNS is not an MLM company but a retail business conducted via internet utilizing networking principles. You do not have to pay membership fee, renewal fee and absolutely no monthly sales quota. This is not a direct selling job like most MLMs.

b) In LNS, it is only one time cash out purchase of products. You can absolutely forget about purchasing products every month, which is very tedious and burdensome!

c) LNS's marketing plan is simple and transparent with no levels in payment, no complicated point system, and no confusing percentages.

d) LNS offers multiple operating accounts (truly unlimited income) similar to operating many franchises. Most MLM companies limit its customers to one account only!

How can I sign-in customers under my Life Tree?

Simply log on to All you need is to click on Sign up link provided on home page and chose the desired Life Account name of the person, submit the name and then fill the Sign up form with all the required details, select the placement you want him/her to be, pay through your Life Bank or Life E-Money, submit the form. You may also sign up a customer by going to your Life Tree page and clicking on "Sign up Here" link, this will directly pick up the information to have more precise placement. If you are not the introducer, you may edit the introducer’s information.

LNS Welcome letter will be sent to the customer at the given e-mail address at the sign up form and product will be shipped to the customer as soon as the full payment has been made.

What is the purpose of Life Account ID (identification number)?

This is an additional security feature provided by company. During any sign-up or transaction done, LA ID make sure they are placed in your Life Tree. Only Life Account might confuse a customer due to typographical similarities. Also the LA ID is needed for transfer link feature to ensure money is transferred to the recipient you wanted.

What kind of business is LNS?

LNS has revolutionized the field of network marketing. Changing the lives of people all around the globe, LNS thrives on the noble notion of mutual growth and has proven to the world that in a world where selfishness gnaws everything down, LNS helps its customers prosper by actually making them help other customers prosper. Never has this kind of global solidarity, brotherhood and combined spirit been seen in any business anywhere in the world. LNS brings people close together by making them their own boss and helping them achieve a secure and perpetual residual income from the comfort of their homes.

Can I request LA password on behalf of another member?

Yes, if you are the introducer of the member who lost his/her password, you can request one. To protect the right of our members, any misuse of the password is the responsibility of the introducer who has asked for the password. In case of any claim by the LA owner of misused account, introducer's account would be seized temporarily or permanently. It is recommended to ask the password by sending mail to, password would only be sent to the email address mentioned in personnel profile. Person not having email address or wrong address has to send ID or passport copy to admin to get the password.

What if I lose my password and security answer?

You can either contact your introducer or email to: to recover your password. This procedure may take 24 working hours. Recovery of the lost password is absolutely free. 

Please note that admin sends Security Information to only email address provided in your personal profile.

Why Security Question and Answer?

In case a customer forgets his or her password or security details, security question and answer will help them generate a new password or retrieve their security details.
You may also use a link on the main home page "My Profile" to your security information.

Are my transactions secured on LNS website?

The LNS website is secured by a Comodo SSL certificate. Information sent from this site gets encrypted before transmission.

How can I recover my password if lost?

Go to LA login page and click on the Forgot Password link, enter your username and e-mail address. Once this is done your new password will be sent to the e-mail address specified in your personal profile.

Do I need to give my password to new prospects?

No! You should never give out your password or your security answer to anyone. If a customer chooses to do so, he or she may do it entirely on his or her own responsibility.

How can I make payments to LNS for new sign ups?

You may pay to LNS through your Life Bank or Commission Bank which is the most common practice among the customers. You can also choose to make payments through your credit card to buy products or sign up new customers.

Do I have to purchase this service if I use trial version of LNS Notification Service?

No, you do not need to subscribe full version if you are not content with the service. This service is for active users who are heavy earning members of LNS and likes to closely monitor the activities taking place in their account for security and management reasons.

What is LNS Notification Service?

This service helps you monitor activities performed on your Life Account. After subscription, this service can only be unsubscribed by the email notification(s) of this service that you will receive on your primary email address. If the customers do not want their main e-mail to receive e-mail messages, they can enter Life Account and directly monitor all the activities by means of Notification Service link.

LNS Notification Service’s subscription period is 12 months for a fee of US$20.

By activating this service, user gets notification email for any or all below mentioned activities in their account as per their selection.

      a) Login to Life Account
      b) Locking/Unlocking of Life Account
      c) Any transaction performed in Life Account

Will I have to renew LNS Notification Service upon expiry?

You may select the option while subscribing this service to renew your subscription automatically when it expires.

Who is a Customer?

Every person who signs-in by filling the Sign up form becomes a Life Account holder/customer. A customer cannot sell any product directly because all sales are between the purchaser and LNS. The company takes payment from, and delivers the product to the purchaser directly. Referring customer only acts as a referral, somewhat like a word-of-mouth advertising for the product you like.
It costs nothing to participate in the LNS Life Reward Program. It is merely a reward to the customer for recommending other customers to the company. Neither customer nor LNS is selling a business opportunity or any other right to participate in a business. It costs nothing to participate in the Life Reward program.

Do we have to pay taxes for the Product?

LNS pays taxes for purchasing of products in all countries according to tax legislation of regions where he operates.

How can I purchase a product through credit card?

LNS is driven by the passion to create convenience and simplicity for our beloved customer and that is the reason we have integrated the payment through credit card option in LNS. The process has been made extremely simple for our beloved customers and here is how it works. Click anywhere on the option of payment through credit card on the payment page after adding the product to the basket and passing through several registration processes, input the required credentials and your credit card information. As a result you purchase the successful product.

Can I also use my debit card?

As long as your debit card is affiliated by Master Card or Visa, you can most certainly use it to make purchases with LNS.