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About company

Michele Rizzi
Chairman of the Board, Executive Vice President
Michele Rizzi was born in 1988 in Milan. In 2013, Michele Rizzi helped to found LNS International, assisting in the development of the original LNS product line and the establishment of the company’s unique global marketing plan. Michele Rizzi was also a member of the company’s Chairman of the Board until 2015. His leadership has helped LNS develop into a substantial international company operating in 10 countries.
Claudio Gasparino
Chief Executive Officer of Central Office
Claudio Gasparino was born in 1969 in Milan. Claudio Gasparino was appointed as CSO, responsible for global sales of LNS International in May 2015, and named chief executive officer in February 2017. As chairman, he was committed to expand the influence of local direct selling associations, fostering a positive regulatory environment, further strengthening industry ethics, and increasing the stature of direct selling among key constituencies.
Parviz Muradkhan
Regional Director of Marketing and Product Development
Parviz Muradkhan was born in 1977 in Baku. He has been working at LNS International since 2011. Just on account of his practice, foresight for future and successful suggestion LNS International started from Azerbaijan on all over the world for the purpose of being the most rapid developed country between CIS countries after looking through other suggestions.
Mohammad Al Naji
Member of the Managing Board
Mohammad Al Naji was born in 1984 in Morocco. In March 2017, Mohammad Al Naji was appointed to become a member of the Managing Board of LNS International and carries additional responsibilities for the important start-up period of big, new markets, such as for example Arabian countries.


Anar Safarov
Regional Director
Anar Safarov was born in 1979 in Baku. He joined LNS International in 2011 and currently he is responsible as Regional Director. He has had exceptional services in the formation and dissemination of the network marketing in regions. Anar Safarov is one of the first networkers, leaders and staff members in the company. His experience and leadership skills are always appreciated by networkers.
Khayal Jafarov
General Product Manager
Khayal Jafarov was born in 1987 in Baku. He joined LNS International in 2011 and is responsible as general product manager in the company. He has been providing customized services for delivering products to customers on time and at the same time as customs and documentation procedures. As a leader, he is always one of those who are professionally able to cope with the hard work.