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LNS International has made innovation in binary system by working only on marketing plan of the company for a long time.

LNS offers its customers a slick, easy to use and flexible network marketing system that enables them to take reigns of the their own business right from the comfort of their homes as the LNS Network Marketing System is easily manageable through internet. One of the main purposes of the company is to make a new “look” to marketing field, reduce capital to minimum and raise income to maximum.

Firmly believing that the customer satisfaction is more important than profit, LNS facilitates its esteemed customer with round the clock and state of the art online tech support as well as valuable guidance of veteran LNS customers who have earned millions with the aid of LNS.

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Success stories
Toghrul Hasanzade
16 April 2018

16-12-1990 Baku, Azerbaijan.
Most of all, I am proud that I passed and did not give up where the others had retreated and surrendered!
If you believe in yourself and what you are doing, then just go ahead!
Not one step back! Break all the obstacles in your path!
It makes a lot of sense, this is the only decent battle!
No one except you can stop you! No one but me can stop me!
From the very first days at LNS, leadership was the most important thing for me!
Because big money does not flow into the business with the best products or services, but into the one with the best leaders and the best team!
I am immensely grateful to LNS for being a great leadership school!

Sofik Jafarli
25 January 2018

25-08-1992. Baku, Azerbaijan. 
"The path makes us happy, not the goal."
From the first days I worked at LNS, this phrase motivated me! I always tried to enjoy every situation, problem, difficulty as much as possible, and my principle was always to change everything for the better and surprise everyone with incredible results. For five years at the company, I have radically changed my whole life, my type of thinking and my attitude to life. I’ve changed the lives of my relatives, parents, seen many countries, acquired a lot of material values, and at the moment I am the Top Leader in this company. LNS is my life mission! At the moment I have a team in all CIS countries and my goal is to reach the hearts of 1,000,000 people through LNS! Many thanks to LNS, and my senior leaders for their support, and I appreciate, respect and thank my entire leadership team and my beloved team!
LNS - Together for better life!

Anarbek Primkulov
09 July 2018

“Little people do great miracles when they have big goals.”
I, Primkulov Anarbek Rahmanzhanovich. My homeland is sunny Kyrgyzstan, the city of Jalalabad. Since 2008 I’ve been living and working in Russia. I gave 6 years of my life to a Turkish company, where I worked as an ordinary, common loader. The experience of working as a loader made it clear to me that I could never achieve my goal and become successful. My key to success is the ability to dream and set the right goals, integrity, and perseverance!
In 2014, I met Mr. Sofik at one of the social networks and this acquaintance radically changed my life. We began to develop LNS in Moscow with him. Success come for no particular reason, we have overcome many difficulties, experienced many ups, downs, defeats and victories. Thank you LNS for all the features. I want to express my special appreciation and gratitude to my mentor Mr. Sofik. He is a very farsighted, harmonious person, the best leader. Our friendship, respect for each other continues to inspire us and gives strength, energy to make incredible results. At this time, more than 20 offices in the Russian Federation and in the CIS countries have been opened after me! Our team is growing not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively. We are more than 6,000 people and 9 nations. Business is just beginning, all the best is yet to come.

Tursunbek Tazhimirzaev
23 October 2018

I, Tazhimirzaev Tursunbek Tynarbekovich, was born on December 23, 1993 in the village of Ak-Zhol, Aksy District, Jalal-Abad Region, into a Muslim family. I’m Kirghiz.
Until the age of 20, I was in my homeland. In 2014, on February 17, I flew to Russia to the city of Yekaterinburg in order to work! In general, I worked for three years (as a loader, waiter, driver, DJ musician). In 2016, I met with the wonderful company LNS through my sister, and seeing the business plan, I decided to work. I was the first person to start in the city of Yekaterinburg. In the beginning I worked on the street, in an apartment with a leader. Then, with the help of my leaders, we opened the first office in Yekaterinburg. In May 2017, I closed the first title (LNS-Via); in January 2018, I closed the second Title (LNS-Argento); in May 2018, I closed the third title (LNS-M.Fiore); in May 2019, I closed the fourth title (LNS-ViaOro). Thanks to LNS, I gained freedom for myself and bought a house, a car, and so on. Many thanks to my leaders and LNS for your being, for allowing people to rise from scratch to financial freedom and find themselves in life. I am grateful to you!

Gayos Hubonshoevich
23 December 2018

I, Yakubshoev Gayos Hubonshoevich, was born on 04-12-1985 in the city of Khorog, the Republic of Tajikistan. I graduated from school in 2003, and as all the children I dreamed of coming to Moscow to earn money. In 2004 I arrived in Moscow. Not knowing the language, I got a job at a construction site. I worked in various areas of hired work. And this went on for 12 years, there have been no changes in life. And then one fine day in 2015 I met a girl, Mizhgona Mavlonazarova, and she offered me the opportunity to change my life using the LNS business plan. I met with the main representative of LNS, Mr. Sofik. The idea was tempting and I made a decision and began to develop a business in Moscow. Naturally there were difficulties, worries, pain, suffering, because we got nothing. We climbed from scratch. Nobody believed us, people did not agree, because there were no facts to show anyone. Despite all these obstacles, I did not give up. Today, I have been working at LNS for 4 years. I feel like a free, financially independent person.

Gulaez Saidkadamov
23 January 2019

I, Saidkadamov Gulaez was born on 10.23.1985 in Tajikistan, the city of Khorog. I graduated from high school in 2003. After leaving school, in 2005 I came to Moscow to work, and for half years I worked at a vegetable base as a loader. After that, I got a job as a Sales Assistant in grocery store. After half a year, I quit this job too. I’ve been working as a Merchandiser for 2 years. In March 2015, my friend Gayos Hubonshoevich offered me the LNS project. I really liked the business plan of the company, and I started to deal only with this business. There were a lot of difficult moments that I went through, but this all is behind! Now it’s already 4 years since I joined this company, I closed the 5th LNS-VIP title, very soon I will be an investor in this company. With the help of LNS, my life has changed dramatically, I achieved financial freedom, and in 2018 I bought Infinity FX 35!
This year, 2019, I bought my own 3-room apartment.

Podshoev Nozim
22 March 2019

I, Podshoev Nozim Lohutshoevich, was born 22-09-1983 in the city of Khorog, Shugnansky District, GBAO. I graduated from school in 2000, after school, like all the guys, I went to serve in the army. Returning from the army in 2005, I entered the university. Due to a lack of money, I had to go to a part-time department and started looking for different options, solutions, and at one point I decided to go to work in Moscow; I thought temporarily, but it turned out forever.
I began to work in various fields, worked as a seller in the market; after work, I combined it working in a taxi. This went on for 3 years with no changes. I went home, spent a little time at home; due to the fact that there is nothing to do, I returned back to Moscow in 2011. After arrival, I met with a friend, we thought for a long time how to change our lives, since it was necessary to do something useful in Moscow. And one day in 2015, my friend Gulaez Saidkadamov called and offered a meeting. We met and he told about the opportunity to change my life. He invited me to go for an interview with LNS. There I met Mr. Sofik. Afterwards, I decided to start. I sold my car at that time. And so I began my activities with my wife, Mavlonazarova Zebiniso, my sister Khozhanazarova Famida, and with a good friend Dastanbuyev Biroimbek. And now, I am in business for 4 years, a lot of things have changed in my life thanks to LNS and thanks to Gulaez Saidkadamov who did not leave me without attention. I became a financially free person. I manage my personal office in Moscow. I purchased Mercedes from LNS, by the end of 2019 I am going to buy an apartment. I thank everyone who brought a part of their soul into my life!
Victory does not always mean being first. Victory is when you become better than you were!

Jonafruz Davlatnazarova
06 June 2019

I, Davlatnazarova Dzhonafruz Tiranddozovna, was born on 06-03-1987 in Tajikistan. I graduated from high school in 2005. After leaving school, in 2007 I came to Moscow to earn money. The first two years I worked as a dishwasher, after which I found another job at the bank. In 2012, I got married. I had a daughter. In 2015, my husband’s best friend suggested us to work at LNS. We really liked this company and we began to build a family business. My husband Saidkadamov Gulaez is now a VIP partner in this company, and I closed the VIA-ORO title. We went through many difficulties, but for the sake of future children we moved on. Thanks to LNS, our lives have changed in every sense. Now we have become financially free. We have many offices in different countries, we bought a car, an apartment, and that’s all thanks to LNS. Now there are people in our lives whom we are grateful for everything and, certainly, LNS. Together for better life!

Vugar Seyidahmadov
11 September 2019

I, Vugar Seyidahmedov joined LNS Company in 2012. LNS gave me wonderful friends and experiences that are more valuable than materiality. Before LNS, I was in another business. I earned business education, knowledge and experience here in the best manner. That’s why I am very dependent on LNS and will always be grateful. Buying a product changed my life 180 degrees. At short notice, I was successful in LNS and bought myself a Volkswagen Touareg model car. I am grateful to my leaders, Anar Safarov, Khayal Jafarov and Asker Sadeghzade, who have always supported me. I have networks in many countries due to their support and assistance. I am always proud of it. LNS – Together for better life!

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